Not the End of the World, Sleepy Hollow S1e6

So this past week’s Sleepy Hollow was somewhat underwhelming. Why you ask? Well, despite having John Noble, which was most certainly the best part (no offense to Tom Mison or Nicole Beharie, but FRINGE was awesome and so is John Noble).  Where was I? Well,  why don’t I start with everything that was great about the episode before getting to the “meh” of it.

tumblr_mvt5drecgA1shk6nro2_400Let’s begin with the baseball game as we got to witness Ichabod learning to enjoy the free speech he fought for, shouting at the umpire. It was one of those moments why I watch the show, to see this man out of time experiencing the 21st century. Continue reading “Not the End of the World, Sleepy Hollow S1e6” »

Sleepy Hollow, Seeing is Believing

Sleepy_Hollow_S01E05_John_Doe_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0647So last night’s Sleepy Hollow, did not bring the sister relationship I was looking forward to, but instead it took us to new places and new possibilities, it also brought us a few new questions! Continue reading “Sleepy Hollow, Seeing is Believing” »