What You Need To Remember About Fan Fest This Friday!

Fan Fest logoHey Readers,

If you haven’t heard about Phoenix Comicon’s second convention this year, Fan Fest, here’s one more chance to get all of the details about the event, and some financial information to keep in mind if attending. Continue reading “What You Need To Remember About Fan Fest This Friday!” »

Two Time Lords at Fan Fest

FanFestDoctorsHi Readers,

We now have another announcement about appearances at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest, and it’s twice as exciting as the last! What’s better than having one Time Lord at Fan Fest? Two Time Lords at Fan Fest!. This December both Colin Baker and Paul McgGann (the 6th and 8th Doctors respectively) will be at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

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Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Updates

Fan Fest logoHi Readers,

So, in case you hadn’t heard Phoenix Comicon is hosting a second convention this year, the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, and we have some updates providing potential attendees with a better idea of what to expect this coming December. Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Updates” »

Phoenix Comicon was counting down to…. ANOTHER CON!

10432545_10152421148648567_3816761971632429646_nHey Readers,

If it feels like your sweet summer season of conventions is over for a long 9 ish months (unless you hit up Wondercon in Spring), then fear not because Phoenix has you covered. In addition to feeling like Summer year round Phoenix (Comicon that is) just got incredibly cool. This year, we’re getting ANOTHER CONVENTION! The Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, BEHOLD:Fan Fest logo Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon was counting down to…. ANOTHER CON!” »