And THEN! Review Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

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So, I’m a bit late this week, but I’ll blame it on needing a bit of extra time to process EVERYTHING that happened in the season six finale. And when I say everything, I mean everything from things I totally expected, spoilery things like Continue reading “And THEN! Review Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale” »

Feeling Like Fisk, Daredevil Season One Finale

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Between a convention and starting a friendly vlog, I’ve been a bit lax in wrapping up my thoughts on Daredevil Season One. Now don’t get me wrong. I liked it, a lot. However at the end I’m left not excited, but somewhat underwhelmed with the knowledge that after coming so far, all I can do now is stare at a wall until season two premieres, some time in 2016, a sensation I feared when I began my viewing. Continue reading “Feeling Like Fisk, Daredevil Season One Finale” »

Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8

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So if you followed my other posts on True Detective you’ll know that I began because of two reasons, the first of which was that I had been emphatically informed by two British strangers at Comic-Con that my life was incomplete, not just as a television fan, but as a person, having not seen the series, and the Emmys were approaching, and True Detective was getting some incredible awards buzz, rivaling other shows (ie Breaking Bad) that I found to be, for lack of a better or more technical phrase, really awesome.

So, after finishing the series was it good, was it worthy of the buzz, yes. Do I now feel whole as a TV viewer and human being, not so much, but with all the existentialism I ended up being exposed to, I certainly feel like I’m in a good place, so to speak. Continue reading “Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8” »

Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10

zap-game-of-thrones-season-4-episode-10-the-ch-008Hi Readers,

It’s been a fortnight since the finale and originally I was going to name this post with some pun related to “How to Train Your Dragon” or a comment about farm boys because of Grenn, or something relating to Father’s Day because Tywin’s was less than optimal. That being said there wasn’t a particular scene that I thought was better done than others (well there’s one exception… sort of) and every actor (even in the scene I loved least) played their role so well, hence the title. So, let’s dive into the finale of season four! Continue reading “Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10” »

What the Helix Podcast 12, the Finale

Hi Listeners,

So here’s the final What the Helix until 2015. It seems like quite a long time, but I’m glad that we at least know for sure now that #RenewHelix went from being a hashtag to a reality! In our final podcast till then we discuss everything we got answers to as well as new questions. And if nothing else we agree on how mad we are at Peter! Continue reading “What the Helix Podcast 12, the Finale” »

Terminus, The Walking Dead S4e16

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E16__KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_0086Hi Readers,
Where should we begin, now that we’re at the end (of the season that is?) Well I thought I’d take a moment and make myself feel at least a little bit closer to as intelligent as Eugene Porter, by playing with Google Translate. You see, I wondered about Terminus. Yes I know that it was the original name for Atlanta, and was where all the train lines went through, but after looking at what the word actually means, I feel both more at peace about where the season left us, and all the hungrier for season five. Continue reading “Terminus, The Walking Dead S4e16” »

Final thoughts on the Breaking Bad Finale, Felina

So it was with some deep breaths, and a few tears that I was able to get down my recap for the finale of Breaking Bad, somehow putting certain scenes down in words brought emotions that hadn’t surfaced as I watched the first or second time. A fellow blogger and podcaster recommended that I put down my commentary as well, so here it is, along with an analysis of the title, which the recap got too long for.

So starting with the title, there’d been four main theories about the meaning listed in the International Business Times. Though one wasn’t so much a theory as a reflection on Vince GIlligan’s “clue” about “woodworking” (which I’ll address below). Of the three name related theories one was spot on, one was a bit of a leap, and the other was a bit of both. Continue reading “Final thoughts on the Breaking Bad Finale, Felina” »