LOL, Game of Thrones S4e8

oberyn-vs-the-mountain-fight-poster-682x1024Hi readers,

As I mentioned in my post for the mid-season finale of Mad Men, life’s been crazy busy, so this post is later than usual. My plan though is to be on schedule for blogging about the GoT finale this Sunday. That being said, let’s look at why I laughed so much during “The Mountain and the Viper”.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was an intense episode, and distressing for several reasons, but if this episode taught us anything it’s that sometimes when things are so bad that you could laugh or cry, it’s definitely better to laugh.

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Only Friend in the World, Game of Thrones S4e6

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Episode-6-Jaime-TyrionHi Readers,

As this post is also later than usual, I’ll lay things out pretty quickly (so I can watch episode 7). Unlike episode 5, while there were as usual some differences from the text, this episode The Laws of Gods and Men was more what fans expected. Continue reading “Only Friend in the World, Game of Thrones S4e6” »

Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5

tumblr_n52z0ljd6z1qzhshoo3_500-game-of-thrones-first-of-his-name-recap-this-season-s-on-fireHi readers,

Like my most recent Mad Men post, this week went by way too fast for me to get a GoT post up about the episode in a timely fashion. That being said, here’s my post now, right before I watch the next episode. And honestly, while I doubt there’s anything that the show could actually do to make me stop watching… I had a couple moments last night, when I asked why I was watching. Continue reading “Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5” »

Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4

images1Hi readers,

Hodor. Yep that’s about as much as I could articulate immediately after the end of Sunday’s episode. Then as I thought more about it my next thoughts were “Effing Craster!!!”, jumbled with questions about White Walkers, boys vs. girls, and again “Effing Craster!!!”, but since all those thoughts are from the last scene of the episode, my notes on them will be in the last portion of the blog. Continue reading “Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4” »

“The Finer Points of Bad Behavior”, Game of Thrones S4e3

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So it seems that Sunday night, while I was trying desperately to sleep on a train back fromĀ WonderCon Jaime was trying desperately to sleep with Cersei. Only one of achieved our objective, and had it been me the achievement would have been controversy free. It was of course however Jaime, and if nothing else Game of Thrones proved once again this week that it has no fear of ruffling feathers in the least decent ways possible, that being said, let’s get to the recap. Continue reading ““The Finer Points of Bad Behavior”, Game of Thrones S4e3” »

All in Good Time, Game of Thrones S4e2

Game.of.Thrones.S04E02.HDTV.x264-2HD[16-05-12]Hi Readers,

So this past Sunday we got another episode of Game of Thrones that book readers have been anticipating for years, and while it didn’t necessarily have the shock factors that made the Red Wedding epic, the history that was made at Joffrey’s royal wedding will have a profound effect on everything from our favorite characters to the shape of things to come for Westeros as a whole. So stay with me as I begin to describe my renewed faith in the series and the miserable people that inhabit it. In the spirit with the title, I’ll be having this post progress from least to most gratifying. Continue reading “All in Good Time, Game of Thrones S4e2” »

Took Too Long Game of Thrones S4e1

post-40535-Jaime-Lannister-showing-off-ne-aQ1SHi Readers,

So, last week was the premiere of Season Four of Game of Thrones, and maybe I took too long waiting to watch it, but I finally did last night, so that I could watch episode two tonight, this is be a quick blog though, and I’ll probably get more in depth with each episode, but I think it’s fair to say that after last Sunday’s episode that in the words of Eric Cartman, this show “has warped my fragile little mind” (also, mild spoilers for those that have not read the books). Continue reading “Took Too Long Game of Thrones S4e1” »