Phoenix Comicon and Cosplay is NOT Consent

14200824757_1f01764e21_zHi There Folks!

For several reasons, last month, Phoenix Comicon was a nerdtastic success, with over 77,000 attendees, tons of panels and events, as well as the Convention’s official position on an important issue: Cosplay is Not Consent.
imagesA few weeks after the con I had the opportunity to interview Matt Solberg, the Director, Head Honcho, and Fearless Leader of of Phoenix Comicon! Below are the highlights, as well as my thoughts on how awesome it was that Phoenix Comicon made it a priority for everyone from the attendees, to the volunteers, all the way up through security staff and Phoenix PD! Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon and Cosplay is NOT Consent” »

Too Far, House of Cards S2e4

HOC_s2e4_Frank1Hi Readers,
Here’s the latest on my journey through House of Cards Season two. And I have to say, while I’m still in no way disappointed after finishing episode four, I am a tad depressed. Instead of focusing on what was interesting, I’ll go through this post from least to most depressing. Continue reading “Too Far, House of Cards S2e4” »