Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4

images1Hi readers,

Hodor. Yep that’s about as much as I could articulate immediately after the end of Sunday’s episode. Then as I thought more about it my next thoughts were “Effing Craster!!!”, jumbled with questions about White Walkers, boys vs. girls, and again “Effing Craster!!!”, but since all those thoughts are from the last scene of the episode, my notes on them will be in the last portion of the blog. Continue reading “Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4” »

“The Finer Points of Bad Behavior”, Game of Thrones S4e3

0x600Hi Readers,

So it seems that Sunday night, while I was trying desperately to sleep on a train back fromĀ WonderCon Jaime was trying desperately to sleep with Cersei. Only one of achieved our objective, and had it been me the achievement would have been controversy free. It was of course however Jaime, and if nothing else Game of Thrones proved once again this week that it has no fear of ruffling feathers in the least decent ways possible, that being said, let’s get to the recap. Continue reading ““The Finer Points of Bad Behavior”, Game of Thrones S4e3” »