What the Helix, Podcast “9”, Going BANANA’s!

What the Helix Podcast 9

Hi Listeners,

After some schedule conflicts we’re back to podcasting! We loved recapping this episode as much as we loved BANANA finally coming together. We also debate more of the virus’ properties, and we’re happy that it looks like thanks to Julia, Sarah’s going to be sticking around. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts and theories! Continue reading “What the Helix, Podcast “9”, Going BANANA’s!” »

What the Helix Podcast 8, Team Twins!

Hi Listeners,

We’ve had some issues getting the podcast up this week, but we wanted to get a couple thoughts on the record before the new episode of Helix starts tonight.

First, Shannon and Jeremy both agree that we’re team twins and love that Miksa has spent some time with his twin brother Tulok, even if it involved punching. Also we both love how Sergio really stepped up to help save everyone.

Second Shannon and Jeremy disagree about Dr. Adrian. Shannon thinks that he’s working for an outside party while Jeremy is pretty sure that he was essentially a fail safe for Illaria, with instructions to get the virus if things started to go bad.

Also, when it comes to Julia we now have confirmation that she’s biologically Hatake’s daughter.

When it comes to Peter though, we’re not sure what to expect, but we’re looking forward to watching it!

Hopefully we’ll have the podcast for last week’s episode and tonight’s episode up sometime tomorrow, so for those that listen, Keep Calm and Carry On.

What the Helix Podcast 5 Double Trouble!

What the Helix Day 6 Banner

Hi Listeners, On this most recent episode of Helix, we actually think we got more answers than questions, and while last week our podcasters Jeremy and Shannon were trusting Hatake more, Shannon seems to have talked herself out of it, and at this point the most trustworthy person is probably Peter, since he’s kind of frozen, though Daniel seems to be trying hard just to do the right thing… even in Balleseros is still alive. Continue reading “What the Helix Podcast 5 Double Trouble!” »

What the Helix, Podcast 4 That’s Cold

What the Helix Podcast 4Hi Listeners,

This past Friday we got confirmation on two theories, so Shannon revels in being right, we get some (possibly true) back story on Hatake, and finally we learn that messing with Daniel doesn’t end well! Continue reading “What the Helix, Podcast 4 That’s Cold” »

What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats

What the Helix P 3Hi Listeners,
Here’s the third What the Helix, where we discuss the episode Single Strand. In this podcast we address: Why we still sort of trust Peter, why we don’t like Balleseros, what the virus may do, and why you don’t want to mess with Hatake! Continue reading “What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats” »