Buyer’s Remorse, Mad Men Season 7, ep 12

mad-men-season-7-episode-12-recap-the-lost-horizon-the-hollywoodHi Readers,
Now fully aware that I missed my self-imposed blogging deadline of finishing up on both episodes 12 and 13 prior to the series finale, I’m going to rush a bit through this post, which shouldn’t be difficult as I’ve got three main points to cover. Two of which are frankly minimal, one of which had me ready to hurtle my dinner at the television screen. Continue reading “Buyer’s Remorse, Mad Men Season 7, ep 12” »

Seeking Meaning, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10

MadMen-season-7-ep-10-forecastHi Readers,

As I continue to make my way through the final episodes of Mad Men I find myself, for one of the few times in the course of the series in the shoes of Don Draper. Sure as the main character we’re always supposed to relate to him on some level, but typically, and perhaps this is sexist, I’ve typically identified with the women, especially Peggy (minus that brief relationship with Duck, I mean really?!?!). However this episode Don was tasked with having to look forward and see more than just the next big client, and likewise I pondered the end game and the meaning in this show. Continue reading “Seeking Meaning, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10” »

I Hate Everyone, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 9

mad-men-season-7-episode-9-jon-hamm-2Hi Readers,
As I continue to make my way through the final episodes of Mad Men I have for the first and shortest time had a moment where I didn’t want to go on because quite frankly there wasn’t a single character choice that I liked in this episode, and so I ended it hating every character. Continue reading “I Hate Everyone, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 9” »

Going Mad, Mad Men S7e7

699110bc42ee41c4c109a2542b26064b-840x550Hi Readers,
So my last two weeks have been full or work, school, and prepping for Phoenix Comicon (which was awesome, posts on that to come), but you know what else was amazingly awesome, the last ep of the first half of Mad Men. My enthusiasm for the season is a far cry from where it was at the beginning, when I was only “Going Meh“. So even though it’s been a couple weeks, let’s have a seat, and break things down by their level of awesomeness.rGa0zo1
tumblr_n6ez3aJY6y1qgf64jo1_500 Continue reading “Going Mad, Mad Men S7e7” »

Bittersweet, Mad Men S7e6

madmen-706-post-980x551Hi Readers,
Last Sunday was what will be (until possibly the finale) the most bittersweet episode of the series. It brought forth memories while moving the plot forward, in very vital ways for the characters, most of whom are growing, and it was still bittersweet, even for the ones that weren’t. Continue reading “Bittersweet, Mad Men S7e6” »