NYCC Needs to Tweet an Apology


The above is an example of “cosplay”, also I’m pretty sure I tweeted this pic right after it was taken.

I’d like to open this blog by saying two things, first is that I see high value in social media.  I think it’s fantastic (if used for good) that people can GENUINELY connect after just a few key strokes in ways never considered possible, even if it’s just in 140 characters.  The second thing I want to say upfront is, I’m a con attendee… and by that I mean once a year I’m one of those people that heads out to San Diego (potentially with cosplay­­in a suitcase) to spend 4 nights and 4 days surrounded by fellow nerds.  Not everybody “gets” Comic-Con, or why people go (130,000 people, in case you were wondering), and that’s fine, this blog isn’t to explain the joys of SDCC,  but I’ll provide one of the main reasons that people go, whether it’s for the comics, the panels for movies or TV, people watching, or the chance to see your favorite scifi celebrity, or writer, or artist.  Whatever it’s for, it’s an opportunity for an AUTHENTIC in-person experience, that you just can’t get at home. Continue reading “NYCC Needs to Tweet an Apology” »