The Accountant A Surprising Must See

200096Hey Readers,

This week I FINALLY got around to seeing The Accountant, which is surprising by itself, considering my taste in movies typically ranges from Wes Anderson, to Tarantino, or anything MARVEL and Disney put out. So, thrillers or action films (unless someone’s in a cape) don’t usually make my list. Additionally, having heard that it was about an individual with autism, I was apprehensive about stereotyping. The Accountant however is the first film in a while that surpassed my expectations. It’s a movie I recommend to nerds and non-nerds alike (not to mention, as a special ed. teacher I would also recommend it to other teachers and parents).

How would I explain it to non-nerds? It’s exciting, well written and well acted. How would I explain it to nerds? It’s like Batman… minus the batsuit… because of sensory issues! Continue reading “The Accountant A Surprising Must See” »

Captain America: The Winter Spoilers

imagesHi Readers,

I have no clue where the last three weeks have been since seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Likely it’s just because I’ve been really busy, and so in instead of doing two posts (each with and without spoilers), I’ll just be doing the one, which will include spoilers. If the phrase “Hail Hydra” shows up more than would seem appropriate or expected for this review then maybe my lost three weeks were due to electric shock therapy, and or blowing things up, only time and this post will tell. Continue reading “Captain America: The Winter Spoilers” »