Phoenix Comicon P.U.G.S. 2014

14368394876_d992a0328c_oHi Readers,

So while I’m still super behind for bloggin about Phoenix Comicon (more posts to come this week), I’m finally able to put down some thoughts about what was for me one of the biggest moments of the convention, this year, and possibly my life. Winning PUGSNow normally even though this blog is full of my opinions, I try and keep myself out of it. However I needed to get thoughts down about this event, if only so I’d have a coherent way for showing/explaining to my parents what I mean when I say I’m a geek, and why I go to conventions (also, as I’ll explain, this contest came with “bragging rights”). So be proud Mom & Dad, be proud. Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon P.U.G.S. 2014” »