The Badges Are Coming The Badges Are Coming… Now What?

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So Open Registration is tomorrow. And the internet going nuts, as it should, it’s full of frantic hopefuls scanning CCI and other sites for tips and tricks that may guarantee that “golden ticket” and we’ve selected what we think are actually the best ones. Now I’m not going to tell you to breathe and/or relax for two reasons. The first of which is, computers won’t be self-aware until 2016, and even if that happens, I highly doubt that they will be in any way swayed by our biological requirements or our weak human emotions. If anything they’ll not care… or terminate us. The second reason is, everyone and their mommy-blog has that tip, and even with the anxiety I’ve been known to battle, I promise that there’s nothing that the EPIC registration room can do to stop your lungs from working, or your brain from spazzing, so just go with me on this, and let’s review these top 3 actually helpfulĀ and unique tips, which were all actually found in a couple different places over at the SDCC Unofficial Blog. Continue reading “The Badges Are Coming The Badges Are Coming… Now What?” »