Looking Forward to Phoenix Comicon 2016

2f5255ec-7a72-4379-bc36-898256468bfeHi Readers,

Just like last year (I think these interviews are becoming a thing), I spent some time speaking with Matt Solberg, the Convention Director of Phoenix Comicon. The conversation covered things from what Phoenix Comicon is doing to keep things affordable for attendees and families (who lets face it make the cutest group cosplays), to how they continue to help serve the nerdy community through their work with Kids Need to Read, including plans for a fundraiser this Spring. Continue reading “Looking Forward to Phoenix Comicon 2016” »

Phoenix Comicon Knows One Size Does Not Fit All

Phoenix_Comicon_logoHi Readers,

While the statement that Phoenix Comicon knows that one size does not fit all could apply to the programming, including any and all pop culture genres and fandom, I literally mean that because fifty percent of their attendees and volunteers are female, they provide shirts in all sizes, including LADIES, something most cons don’t do. To get some details on how appreciated this is I spent time talking with the con’s Marketing director Jillian Squires before the convention last week. Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon Knows One Size Does Not Fit All” »

What Fan Fest Meant for Phoenix Comicon

Fan Fest logoHi Readers,

While 2014 already feels far behind us, we’re right about the half-way point between December’s Fan Fest, and Phoenix Comicon (which is already picking up steam with fantastic guests 10432545_10152421148648567_3816761971632429646_nlike Summer Glau, Jason Momoa, Edward James Olmos, Alyson Hannigan, and others)! So we’re taking one more look at Fan Fest 2014, Phoenix Comicon’s first Winter event, and to do that I had another conversation with convention director Matt Solberg about how the first Fan Fest went, and what it meant for the future of Phoenix Comicon! Continue reading “What Fan Fest Meant for Phoenix Comicon” »

Phoenix Comicon and Cosplay is NOT Consent

14200824757_1f01764e21_zHi There Folks!

For several reasons, last month, Phoenix Comicon was a nerdtastic success, with over 77,000 attendees, tons of panels and events, as well as the Convention’s official position on an important issue: Cosplay is Not Consent.
imagesA few weeks after the con I had the opportunity to interview Matt Solberg, the Director, Head Honcho, and Fearless Leader of of Phoenix Comicon! Below are the highlights, as well as my thoughts on how awesome it was that Phoenix Comicon made it a priority for everyone from the attendees, to the volunteers, all the way up through security staff and Phoenix PD! Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon and Cosplay is NOT Consent” »

Cosplay is Not Consent, Interview Transcript

As I pointed out in the article on this issue, I’m incredibly grateful that Convention Director Matt Solberg took the time for my interview. Both because it helps to elevate the issue of Cosplay is NOT Consent alleviating the stigma associated with a topic where the only taboo should be on the offenders, and because I never realized until I wrote the transcript how rambly I was, or how many times I said the word “Right” to affirm something.

Excluding some rambling on my part, as well as a couple security related details, here’s the transcript of the interview with Matt Solberg, Director of Phoenix Comicon. Continue reading “Cosplay is Not Consent, Interview Transcript” »