How Did We Get Here? Seasons 1-4 of The Walking Dead

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With the season five of The Walking Dead beginning in less than an hour, I found myself pondering just how we (and by “we” I mean both the audience and the characters) ended up the current predicament. Now this won’t be a complete rundown of the past four seasons, but I think it’s worth reviewing where folks are and how they got there.dead1 Continue reading “How Did We Get Here? Seasons 1-4 of The Walking Dead” »

Hit the Ground Running Justified S5e1

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tim-season-5So this past episode of Justified was, even with interviews of Walton Goggins saying we’d see a return of the angry violent Boyd from the pilot, pretty darn intense. While some seasons of Justified can take their time to build, it’s like the writers decided, not to start with a snowball rolling down a hill,¬† but to opt for an avalanche that’ll hit Harlan County before anyone really knows what’s what. Continue reading “Hit the Ground Running Justified S5e1” »

Revisiting Harlan County

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Tomorrow night¬† is the beginning of Justified’s 5th season, and I find myself pondering how somehow simultaneously, there’s been incredible storytelling, without a whole lotta change. Let me see if I can explain why this is so special, and why it makes Justified one of my favorite shows. Finally my thoughts will rest on what I think I can expect from the show’s final two seasons, if previous TV greats are anything to go by. Continue reading “Revisiting Harlan County” »