LOVED Robocop’s Reboot!

compareHi Readers and Viewers,
So, while my video response to seeing the Robocop Reboot is later than intended (and may or may feature sound effects from my dogs in the background), all of that aside however, here are my thoughts on Robocop, after having seen both the original and the reboot! Continue reading “LOVED Robocop’s Reboot!” »

Excited For Robocop’s Reboot Part 2

1987Hi Viewers,

So last night I posted the first of  a two part video, looking at why I’m excited for the reboot of Robocop. The 1st video (which you can see here) is me explaining why I’m excited, having never seen the original Robocop. Now that I’ve seen it, here are my thoughts about seeing the reboot! Continue reading “Excited For Robocop’s Reboot Part 2” »