SDCC 2014, Supernatural Sunday!

Hi Readers,
One of my SDCC highlights was the Supernatural panel.

IMG_5229 It was fun, funny, and as season ten may be the show’s final, it was by far the one panel most worth sleeping in line for!
(I’m on the 10580074_10204346344120635_5363318730242745889_nleft- *enjoying*  2-3 hours of sleep camping under the tents)


Now, on to the panel itself, which I am pleased to say, did not disappoint, and repeat that it was worth the sleep deprivation and the wait! *Note spoilers about Season 9 below* Continue reading “SDCC 2014, Supernatural Sunday!” »

SDCC 2014, Friday Panels

 IMG_3609Hi Readers,

Thursday was all about cosplay and hanging outside (post to come), and Friday, like last year was all about the TV shows (or so I thought it would be), and while I didn’t get to enjoy any pilots this year, I did get to enjoy a couple panels for shows that were new to me, and they’re definitely now on my watch list. That being said, despite all the TV awesomeness, I think that my favorite part of Friday, which was all spent in 6A had almost nothing to do with television, and so the first panel for “The Squickerwonkers” with Evangeline Lilly, will get its own post. Continue reading “SDCC 2014, Friday Panels” »

Why Wait… thoughts from a Hall H Camper on “Exclusive” footage

Me and my besties, on Saturday morning, after sleeping under the tents for Hall H panels!

Me and my besties, on Saturday morning, after sleeping under the tents for Hall H panels!

As I sit down to blog on all the epic-ness that took place in various panels at Comic-Con 2014, I can’t help but feel a little let down. It may just be my body and brain leveling out from the adrenaline rush, and then ultimate fatigue that’s inevitable for someone like me who will usually spend the last two days of the con running on maybe six hours of sleep (TOTAL). However, part of my current melancholy is definitely tied the disappointment that all that I waited for may not have been worth it, as in the week after the convention several outlets like Entertainment Weekly, and others, are able to share “Exclusive” con footage of panels and gag reels, and even studios are releasing either entire panels or trailers that used to be just for the attendees. Continue reading “Why Wait… thoughts from a Hall H Camper on “Exclusive” footage” »

The Toucan Has Tweeted, SDCC Badge Update

indexHi There Readers,

For those keeping up to date with all of the badge changes for SDCC (if not click the link for the details) there’s been both a response and somewhat of an update from Comic-Con International regarding why they made the changes, and what we can expect on the battlefield… er registration site. Continue reading “The Toucan Has Tweeted, SDCC Badge Update” »