Why Blindspot needs to make sure that it doesn’t “Stay in the car”

Blindspot - Season 1Hi Readers,

As pondered last week, it’s beneficial that we know that Jane Doe is Taylor Shaw. However, it’s less beneficial that (even though by the end of the episode things looked promising) Weller’s every other line to Jane/Taylor was any and all variations of “Stay in the car”, when you’d think Jane literally climbing out of the wreckage of one would have rendered that line meaningless for multiple reasons. Continue reading “Why Blindspot needs to make sure that it doesn’t “Stay in the car”” »

Blindspot Episode 2 Cutting to the Chase

635781953120777173-NUP-170134-0548Hi Readers,

While it’s no surprise that Blindspot is starting to go with a “Tattoo of the Week” format, what was surprising was how quickly episode two “A Stray Howl” it feels like the big picture is progressing in terms of who Jane Doe is and how Weller might fit in, even if we don’t have the why yet. Continue reading “Blindspot Episode 2 Cutting to the Chase” »

Why Blindspot Looks So Good

Blindspot ShotHi Readers,

Now it’s been a while since I’ve done an episode review, so forgive me if I’ve forgotten a few important points. With my life taken over by teaching, there’s been less time to write. However, this feels like a perfect opportunity to mention the educational debate of skills versus content. Is it more important for students to learn HOW to do something, or learn ABOUT something. As humans we typically do both. Take Jane Doe for example, she can fire a pistol with amazing accuracy and kick some major ass, which will come in handy throughout the 24-esque escapades that I’m sure we’ll see a lot of, but she has no content. She doesn’t know her name or where she came from, or why she’s covered in tattoos. Continue reading “Why Blindspot Looks So Good” »

Shock and Awe, Daredevil, eps 11-12

indexHi Readers,
I’m one episode from the finale of Daredevil, and while I could have simply pushed through and do one post per 3 eps, like the others, I thought I’d take a minute to post this. Both because I have a feeling that the finale like the premiere will need its own post, and the last two episodes certainly merit a moment of their own. Continue reading “Shock and Awe, Daredevil, eps 11-12” »

Playing Dirty, Daredevil eps 5-7

Daredevil-Season-1-Episode-6-Television-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLOHi Readers,
What can I say other than Daredevil continues to be awesome as I get to the midpoint of the first season. So far the only downside is the fact that once I finish it I have to wait a year to watch more of it. Keeping a slow pace is increasingly difficult, not only because it’s fun to watch, but because it excels at making sense out of previous storytelling chaos. Continue reading “Playing Dirty, Daredevil eps 5-7” »

Daredevil, “I say we go with it” Review of Season #1.1

hqdefaultHi Readers,

With so many awesome shows either starting or renewing in April it may be hard to keep up with them all, and I even find myself saying “Self, why would you start a new TV show, when the only one you’re caught up on is Mad Men … because it just started” for which the only reply was Foggy’s cute line “She gave a vague shrug, I say we go with it”. And thus begins my blind beginnings with Daredevil, not because he’s blind, but because I’m not going to read the source material first, and I’m not going to watch at a break-neck pace (meaning it’s my own responsibility to try and avoid spoilers). So, here’s my review of the first episode, and while I’ll keep watching! Continue reading “Daredevil, “I say we go with it” Review of Season #1.1” »

Constantine, digs a little deeper Season 1 episode 2

Constantine - Season 1Hi Readers,

So whenever there’s a new show, I give it a three episode test as to whether or not I’ll keep watching it while it airs, or even at all. The pilot episode always gets the most leeway. Studios are usually busy trying to cram in as much as possible, so I never have high hopes for the first episode of a new series. The second episode, I expect to have a bit more story, and by the third I need to be invested in the characters, or I’ll just wait to binge. With Constantine, I wasn’t wowed by the pilot, but I watched the second episode and was more impressed, both by the individual plot, and to how it’s contributing to things over all.

constantine-church-600x309The second episode (The Darkness Beneath) seemed like it was cramming less in plot-wise, and more in character-wise. This, for me is actually great. The first episode already set things up through angelic interactions to have a long story arc, so having some monster of the week episodes along the way, where we get to know the key players is great.

1414915778656In this case, we got to know Constantine a bit better, and got to meet Zed, a woman with psychic abilities. She’s been drawing Constantine, and now she’ll be helping him fight evil. In this case the evil was a group of spirits of dead miners who’d been forced to do the bidding of a wicked widow. The witch’s powers have been stronger than usual, because of the aforementioned building long term story arc.

Now of course the only downside to having a long term story arc laid out is that you tend not to fear for the main character. So it’s no surprise that everything is resolved by the end. However, I love serialized shows, so it’s a bit of a wash, and I’ll keep watching.

Have thoughts on the episode, or the show in general? Post them in the comments!