Energy Crisis, House of Cards s2e6

HOC s2e6 FrankHi Readers,

Something tells me that if my blog is ever going to take over the world, or even a tiny little corner of the internet I’ll need to get someone to help me stay on top of all my blogging. Especially for House of Cards, I’m so far behind I’m actually starting to regret my choice not to binge. However that being said I’m still determined to get up a post per episode, so better late than never. Here are my thoughts on episode six of season two. Continue reading “Energy Crisis, House of Cards s2e6” »

Oh Hi Cashew… House of Cards, S2e3

HOC_S2e2_CashewHi Readers,
As you may know, I have refused to binge on what is easily one of the best shows. This has not been easy. While I watched the first episode as soon as it dropped, and got, what I assume was the biggest shock of the season, there of course over the past month been tweets and Facebook posts that made me feel slightly bummed that I’d chosen not to binge. Now I’m happy to report that I understand one topic that’s made zero sense to me until now… the hashtag #Cashew… now I get it… I think, so let’s get into this recap and review, while I ponder the significance of a guinea pig. Continue reading “Oh Hi Cashew… House of Cards, S2e3” »

Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards

posterHello Readers,

It feels like forever since we spent any time with our favorite corrupt politician, Francis Underwood.

I mean sure, we could all rewatch season one of House of Cards, but binging comes at price. Last year when I watched House of Cards, I finished the whole series within a week. Now that’s certainly slow by some TV binge standards, and while I never forgot the key plays or players, watching this recap, it feels like so much was lost in the shuffle. Continue reading “Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards” »