Staying up for Sherlock Part 3 The Final Problem – SPOILERS

S_S4_E3_Mycroft_Sherlock_openingHi Readers,

Where do I begin with “The Final Problem”? How about I start with a confession. I didn’t stay up for it. Despite the fact that it premiered at 7:00 instead of 9:00 and all my desires to do so, my husband’s late night at work meant that I had to wait until Monday to watch the episode. I mean sure, I could have watched it without him and pretended to be surprised when we watched it together, but only if I’d had the sociopathic skill-set of a Holmes sibling. Alas, I’m far too empathetic… and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep spoilers to myself. Speaking of spoilers. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode. Continue reading “Staying up for Sherlock Part 3 The Final Problem – SPOILERS” »

Staying up for Sherlock Part 2 SPOILERS Recap The Lying Detective

s_s4_e2_therapistHey Readers,

Last night, things on Sherlock seemed to be wrapped in such a neat little bow… until they weren’t. As with last week, read no further, unless you’ve watched season four’s second episode The Lying Detective. Continue reading “Staying up for Sherlock Part 2 SPOILERS Recap The Lying Detective” »

Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – Spoiler Free Review

fal56Hi Readers,

Sherlock is back, which means one thing for certain, I’m going to ¬†be exhausted on Mondays. What’s not certain though is how much I’ll love this season. If the premiere last night was going to be any indication it’s going to be a mixed bag… filled mostly with goodies. Now if you have watched it, here’s my spoiler¬†filled post up with details in a bit, but here’s the rundown on last night’s season four premiere The Six Thatchers. Continue reading “Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – Spoiler Free Review” »

Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – SPOILERS Recap

sherlockHello Readers,

If you haven’t seen the season four premiere of Sherlock, then may I suggest you take a look at my spoiler free review, to get an idea of what to expect from a Sherlock opener. If you have seen the episode, then read on.

Ok, if you’re sure at this point you want to read on… Continue reading “Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – SPOILERS Recap” »

Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10

zap-game-of-thrones-season-4-episode-10-the-ch-008Hi Readers,

It’s been a fortnight since the finale and originally I was going to name this post with some pun related to “How to Train Your Dragon” or a comment about farm boys because of Grenn, or something relating to Father’s Day because Tywin’s was less than optimal. That being said there wasn’t a particular scene that I thought was better done than others (well there’s one exception… sort of) and every actor (even in the scene I loved least) played their role so well, hence the title. So, let’s dive into the finale of season four! Continue reading “Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10” »

Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5

tumblr_n52z0ljd6z1qzhshoo3_500-game-of-thrones-first-of-his-name-recap-this-season-s-on-fireHi readers,

Like my most recent Mad Men post, this week went by way too fast for me to get a GoT post up about the episode in a timely fashion. That being said, here’s my post now, right before I watch the next episode. And honestly, while I doubt there’s anything that the show could actually do to make me stop watching… I had a couple moments last night, when I asked why I was watching. Continue reading “Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5” »

Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4

images1Hi readers,

Hodor. Yep that’s about as much as I could articulate immediately after the end of Sunday’s episode. Then as I thought more about it my next thoughts were “Effing Craster!!!”, jumbled with questions about White Walkers, boys vs. girls, and again “Effing Craster!!!”, but since all those thoughts are from the last scene of the episode, my notes on them will be in the last portion of the blog. Continue reading “Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4” »