Bittersweet, Mad Men S7e6

madmen-706-post-980x551Hi Readers,
Last Sunday was what will be (until possibly the finale) the most bittersweet episode of the series. It brought forth memories while moving the plot forward, in very vital ways for the characters, most of whom are growing, and it was still bittersweet, even for the ones that weren’t. Continue reading “Bittersweet, Mad Men S7e6” »

OMGinsburg!!!! Mad Men, S7e5

madmenginsberg-crop-promo-mediumlargeHi Readers,

So the posts have been a bit behind. But I’m catching up. It’s been four days since I watched the Mad Men episode The Runaways and my feelings haven’t changed, when it comes to this episode if it wasn’t SC&P related, I really didn’t care about it.

Let me explain… no that take too long (and the next ep is starting tonight) let me sum up… Continue reading “OMGinsburg!!!! Mad Men, S7e5” »

Really?!?!, Mad Men S7e3

Bettys7e3Hi Readers,

It’s difficult to put down how I feel about Sunday’s Mad Men episode. Despite having defended the show in the past as not being sexist, just set in a sexist era, I feel like this last episode was written just to make sure viewers would dislike every female on the show. Continue reading “Really?!?!, Mad Men S7e3” »

Stop Talking, Mad Men S7e2

Screen-Shot-2014-04-21-at-11.04.48-AM-350x300Hi readers,

Since I was heading back from WonderCon Sunday night I didn’t watch Mad Men live, but Sunday’s episode was certainly more entertaining than last week’s for several reasons, and this post I’m breaking down episode 2 of the final season A Day’s Work by who did and who did not, know when to stop talking. Continue reading “Stop Talking, Mad Men S7e2” »

Going Meh, Mad Men S7e1

MM-S7-press-kit-980x551Hi Readers,
This past Sunday we got the premier of the final season of Mad Men, and to be honest, as someone who was captivated by the show from the moment Don Draper convinced Lucky Strike to go with the phrase “It’s Toasted”, I was underwhelmed. The original title of this post was going to be “Going Mad”, but alas I didn’t go mad I went “meh”. I have a couple theories why. Continue reading “Going Meh, Mad Men S7e1” »