Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)

indexEver since I started my epic journey by watching all doctors from the sixties on, I’ve come to see Tennant as a bit more overrated (start your hate mail now. That’s why there’s comments) and I’ve embraced and really come to love the older grouchier doctor.

William Hartnell described the doctor as a bit like the wizard of oz or santa clause. I have to really say I enjoy the doctor in this light. The darker terser version where the clever “grey fox” (as companion Ian Chesterton, still the best companion, would call him) would wile his way out of danger.

These era of Dr. Who episodes made the daleks what they were. You see, the doctor never beat the Daleks…they just ran whenever the Daleks showed up. So imagine my joy when I learned that our beloved Steven Moffat was bringing the glory days back (not that a young doctor is bad, its just been the thing since Peter Davison and honestly I wanted an old grouchy doctor for a while). Except Moffat didn’t deliver, at least not nearly as well as I had hoped. Continue reading “Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)” »

Jebediah? Psych S8e2

NUP_155224_0165-550x366Hi Psych-o’s

Sorry for the late recap this week, the review for Wednesday’s episode will also be coming this week. Anyway, we got a very Lassie centric episode that did two very important things. But read no further if you haven’t watched last week’s episode. Continue reading “Jebediah? Psych S8e2” »

Choose to Believe Psych Season 8 Premiere

Hi There #Psych-O’s!

Psych - Season 8So last week was the premiere of Season 8 for Psych, one of my favorite shows that isn’t a drama (Sleepy Hollow is in the in-between category)! Anyway, all of the usual antics ensued, and as Psych is a Case-Of-The-Week, more so than a serial there aren’t always a lot of details to track (like Sleepy Hollow, Helix etc.). That being said there are definitely episodes that standout for being part of a running storyline, and the premiere really hit it off both in terms of reminding fans of all the awesomeness before, and awesomeness that can be expected for this season. So read no further unless you’ve watched the episode. Continue reading “Choose to Believe Psych Season 8 Premiere” »