Feeling Like Fisk, Daredevil Season One Finale

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Between a convention and starting a friendly vlog, I’ve been a bit lax in wrapping up my thoughts on Daredevil Season One. Now don’t get me wrong. I liked it, a lot. However at the end I’m left not excited, but somewhat underwhelmed with the knowledge that after coming so far, all I can do now is stare at a wall until season two premieres, some time in 2016, a sensation I feared when I began my viewing. Continue reading “Feeling Like Fisk, Daredevil Season One Finale” »

“How it makes you feel” Daredevil eps 2-4

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As I work my way through Marvel’s Daredevil I think that after episode four it’s time to take a deep breath and think about how it makes me feel, because it’s making me feel a lot of things, all of them good, and mostly because of the bad guy! Continue reading ““How it makes you feel” Daredevil eps 2-4” »

True Detective has me hooked

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I fully recognize that I’m about 9 months behind the times, but I hadn’t started watching True Detective yet. Something that some fellow campers in the #HallH line at #SDCC this year (who were from the UK, and total strangers) were shocked at. And they made certain to inform me that my TV viewing, nay my LIFE was incomplete having not viewed this television treasure. With the Emmys happening this weekend, I realized my window of opportunity to see the show before the awards ceremony was closing faster than a body bag, and that I needed to start. I may not do one review per ep, since I’ll be binging. But I watched the premier last night, and I can say so far it was worth the hype! Continue reading “True Detective has me hooked” »