Excited about The Squickerwonkers, SDCC 2014

IMG_3604Hi Readers,

While Maze Runner Mondays will pick back up now that SDCC is behind me, one book that I was thrilled to encounter twice by happenstance is one that I’ll be reading and reviewing as soon as I’m done catching up on blogs is Evangeline Lilly’s The Squickerwonkers. Continue reading “Excited about The Squickerwonkers, SDCC 2014” »

SDCC 2014, Friday Panels

 IMG_3609Hi Readers,

Thursday was all about cosplay and hanging outside (post to come), and Friday, like last year was all about the TV shows (or so I thought it would be), and while I didn’t get to enjoy any pilots this year, I did get to enjoy a couple panels for shows that were new to me, and they’re definitely now on my watch list. That being said, despite all the TV awesomeness, I think that my favorite part of Friday, which was all spent in 6A had almost nothing to do with television, and so the first panel for “The Squickerwonkers” with Evangeline Lilly, will get its own post. Continue reading “SDCC 2014, Friday Panels” »