SKREEONK! Godzilla Breakdown

GodzillaTeaser11.0Hi there readers,

If you haven’t heard the insane SKREEONK or roar online this past week regarding Godzilla coming out in 2014, then don’t stress because this blog will cover what you need to know and then some. Below is the terrifying trailer, and below that is a breakdown of some tidbits that Warner Brothers and Legendary seem willing to let go of through their viral site  The breakdown includes some screenshots from the trailer (while just in case of copyright issues, I’ll plainly state, in no way do I own the images in this blog. They’re directly from the trailer… or the M.U.T.O. site) and I’ve put the screenshots in the order of how I think they actually fit in the movie chronologically, along with some predictions about the film. Continue reading “SKREEONK! Godzilla Breakdown” »