Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8

indexHi Readers,

So if you followed my other posts onĀ True Detective you’ll know that I began because of two reasons, the first of which was that I had been emphatically informed by two British strangers at Comic-Con that my life was incomplete, not just as a television fan, but as a person, having not seen the series, and the Emmys were approaching, and True Detective was getting some incredible awards buzz, rivaling other shows (ie Breaking Bad) that I found to be, for lack of a better or more technical phrase, really awesome.

So, after finishing the series was it good, was it worthy of the buzz, yes. Do I now feel whole as a TV viewer and human being, not so much, but with all the existentialism I ended up being exposed to, I certainly feel like I’m in a good place, so to speak. Continue reading “Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8” »

Believing Lies!True Detective eps 2&3

imHi Readers,

If you’re aware, a couple days ago I FINALLY started watching True Detective. I’m binging so that I can be caught up by the Emmys on Monday. Last night, I watched episodes 2&3, and I have to say, so far my favorite thing about the show, on top of the great writing and acting is how much each of the main characters, Cohle and Hart lie to themselves. Continue reading “Believing Lies!True Detective eps 2&3” »

True Detective has me hooked

indexSo Readers,

I fully recognize that I’m about 9 months behind the times, but I hadn’t started watching True Detective yet. Something that some fellow campers in the #HallH line at #SDCC this year (who were from the UK, and total strangers) were shocked at. And they made certain to inform me that my TV viewing, nay my LIFE was incomplete having not viewed this television treasure. With the Emmys happening this weekend, I realized my window of opportunity to see the show before the awards ceremony was closing faster than a body bag, and that I needed to start. I may not do one review per ep, since I’ll be binging. But I watched the premier last night, and I can say so far it was worth the hype! Continue reading “True Detective has me hooked” »