What the Helix Podcast 8, Team Twins!

Hi Listeners,

We’ve had some issues getting the podcast up this week, but we wanted to get a couple thoughts on the record before the new episode of Helix starts tonight.

First, Shannon and Jeremy both agree that we’re team twins and love that Miksa has spent some time with his twin brother Tulok, even if it involved punching. Also we both love how Sergio really stepped up to help save everyone.

Second Shannon and Jeremy disagree about Dr. Adrian. Shannon thinks that he’s working for an outside party while Jeremy is pretty sure that he was essentially a fail safe for Illaria, with instructions to get the virus if things started to go bad.

Also, when it comes to Julia we now have confirmation that she’s biologically Hatake’s daughter.

When it comes to Peter though, we’re not sure what to expect, but we’re looking forward to watching it!

Hopefully we’ll have the podcast for last week’s episode and tonight’s episode up sometime tomorrow, so for those that listen, Keep Calm and Carry On.