What the Helix Podcast 5 Double Trouble!

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Hi Listeners, On this most recent episode of Helix, we actually think we got more answers than questions, and while last week our podcasters Jeremy and Shannon were trusting Hatake more, Shannon seems to have talked herself out of it, and at this point the most trustworthy person is probably Peter, since he’s kind of frozen, though Daniel seems to be trying hard just to do the right thing… even in Balleseros is still alive. Continue reading “What the Helix Podcast 5 Double Trouble!” »

What the Helix, Podcast 4 That’s Cold

What the Helix Podcast 4Hi Listeners,

This past Friday we got confirmation on two theories, so Shannon revels in being right, we get some (possibly true) back story on Hatake, and finally we learn that messing with Daniel doesn’t end well! Continue reading “What the Helix, Podcast 4 That’s Cold” »

What the Helix P2: Where’s My Monkey?

Pod2Hi listeners,

Here’s our second What the Helix podcast, covering Day 3 of Helix, along with the chart of where we think our characters’ motives lie.Below the chart are some screenshots of the top moments from Friday’s episode. Continue reading “What the Helix P2: Where’s My Monkey?” »

What the Helix? Podcast 1

Hi readers for this post you get to be listeners!

Last night we watched the two episode premiere Helix and LOVED it!

Because it’s a show with tons of mysteries and clues that are easier to talk about, instead of blog about, we decided to begin our first ever podcast series “What the Helix”, to air the day after each episode. Continue reading “What the Helix? Podcast 1” »