Wowed by Warner Brothers at WonderCon

Hi Readers,

Last weekend I was at WonderCon for the first time, and despite being treated like the middle child of conventions, it in no way disappointed, especially when it came to what Warner Brothers brought on Saturday. Even though they kicked off the day in the arena, their panels were still on my mind after Fox presented theirs. Continue reading “Wowed by Warner Brothers at WonderCon” »

Where’s WonderCon?

wca_logo_1Hi Readers,
With all the craziness last week, regarding Pre-Reg for San Diego Comic-Con (and if you missed it The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog watched it live, and did a recap) it might br easy to think there’s no badge watching to do for a bit. However, there’s still a burning question for some: Where’s WonderCon?¬†Yes, it’s in Anaheim, but in April, and we have no badge news yet. At this point WonderCon is the Jan Brady of Comic-Con, and here’s why. Continue reading “Where’s WonderCon?” »