I Don’t Want To Talk About It, TWD S5e2

GeeklyPressTWDs5e2Hi Readers,

This post is a week past due, partly because I didn’t watch season five’s second episode when it aired, and partly because, like everyone in the episode, I don’t want to talk about it. That being said, let’s talk about the episode “Strangers”.

Now in general, there’s actually not a lot to say about this episode on the surface, other than the ending, which we won’t talk about… until the end of this blog.

GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_CarlFor me one of the toughest things about this episode was Carl’s initial optimism that not everyone can be bad, and wanting to hope that the priest they found was at best a rare decent human, and at worst not a threat to their group. It’s clear though that the man is a coward, and the words “YOU’LL BURN FOR THIS” carved into his church with indications that people struggled to get in tells me that at best he GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_church_burnabandoned his flock to a herd of walkers to save himself, and at worst, he’s been keeping himself and his church protected by the sins that he won’t share. Side note… why a group of people couldn’t break in a door or window I find a bit silly.

GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_Priest_closeupNow I promise not to pontificate, however as a Christian I’m finding my feathers a tad ruffled, considering so far (unless I’m forgetting anyone) the only people we’ve seen with any kind of faith have been Herschel (who did a lot of good, but as much as we’d love to, let’s not forget the entire season that took place on a farm because he was storing Sofia and other walkers in a barn) and now this priest. I think it’s stupid to believe that the walkers could be saved, and I think it’s shameful that a priest would do that to people who depended on him. Now granted the priest obviously is ashamed of himself, and I know that Christians are NOT perfect, but I feel like the message so far is Christians in this world are either idiots or cowards. What about people of other faiths? Surely Buddhists, and Jews, Muslims, and even atheists are pondering their existence in this new terrifying world. However we’ve seen none of that. And to be honest I don’t really need to see a lot of that, because I recognize that existential issues for survivors are secondary to actually surviving.

GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_AbrahamOk, rant over.And speaking about trying to do better than just surviving, let’s talk about the forgone conclusion that the trip to Washington is. Ummm that’s about it actually, there’s not much to discuss. Going to Washington needs to happen, not just so that Eugene can help save the world, but because it keeps the group together, which is awesome…GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_Carol_Daryl
Or was awesome, since Carol and Daryl are now on a wild goose chase to find Beth. Once again the group has splintered. I get that they had to go immediately, but I detest the fact that there are no resources or back up plans for communication or mapping out of potential rendezvous points. To be fair though, they’ll probably find her if they can keep up with the car with the cross on the back.GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_car_beth

Ok, second rant over… are you starting to get why I didn’t want to talk about this episode?

Not yet? Well fine let’s talk about the end of the episode, which was my least favorite part to talk about. It’s Bob.

GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_Bob_waterzombieBob, though not dislikable is one of those characters that I never connected with, and I was positive that he was going to die on that food run. And I’m fairly certain that when he was stumbling in the woods it was because he’d been bitten (considering he was woozy, but not drunk, as he won’t touch alcohol). GeeklyPressTWDs5e2_Gareth_eatingHowever, nothing prepared me for the fact that Gareth and the others from Terminus were eating him. I don’t want to talk about the fact that I was extremely grateful that I’d eaten my lunch BEFORE that scene with Gareth’s creepy monologue, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to take another bite.

The worst part wasn’t even the cannibalism itself (though I still maintain that there was no reason Terminus had to turn to human meat). It was Gareth’s creepy calm and polite demeanor, and once again the show has shown that humans are far worse than walkers.

So, what were your thoughts on the episode, did you feel bad for Bob? Let me know in the comments.

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