And THEN! Review Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

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So, I’m a bit late this week, but I’ll blame it on needing a bit of extra time to process EVERYTHING that happened in the season six finale. And when I say everything, I mean everything from things I totally expected, spoilery things like  Cersei blowing up the Sept, to things I never expected like Arya killing Walder Frey (and all of his offspring) , to things that even if I expected them I was either wrong, or just didn’t expect to happen this soon.

Like what you ask? Well how about Dany finally leaving Mereen. Yeah, sure it was inevitable, but we spent so much darn time there. I also never expected Margaery dying like that, but I guess I should be praising the writers for finally surprising me with a death after all these years of carnage.

Game-Thrones-Season-6-Finale-PicturesAlso, what about the fact that we finally got to see the inside of the Tower of Joy? It was AMAZING, and yet it feels like we’ll have to wait at least a season before the current King in the North finds out about it.maxresdefault (2)

Speaking of which, I really didn’t expect things to go that amazingly for Jon at Winterfell, and judging by the last looks between Sansa and LIttlefinger things won’t be going awesome for long.

1467073849-syn-esq-1467020570-game-of-thrones-jaime-and-cerseiOh, and by the way, when it comes to last looks, if any siblings are going to have problems it’s going to be Jaime and Cersei. Cersei, the woman he loved all his life, the woman who is now queen, and truly has nothing left to lose. Yeah… things are going to be tense in Kings Landing next season, if Jaime sticks around.

After all, she did do the one thing that Jaime became a Kingslayer to prevent, using wild fire on Kings Landing. And I’ll be honest that entire sequence was quite possibly my all time favorite on Game of Thrones. Everything from Lancel following the boy, to Margaery coming to the realization that somehow the Sept was doomed because Cersei refused to attend the trial and Tommen wasn’t present, and then to watching the facial expressions of everyone in the sept (especially the high sparrow) just before things literally exploded was literally breath taking (I’m sure I held my breath for the last minute of it all). And to know that Pycelle is  gone (in an above average sinister method) means that there’s no one who can even try to resist Cersei.

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6-jaw-dropping-moments-from-game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-10-what-has-she-done-im-1035900Only Tomen as king and son might have been able to keep her in check, but that went right out the window, with any shred of humanity she had left.

Considering Jaime’s conversation with Walder Frey, he may imagesjust be fed up of serving a woman with no humanity left…

and without the Freys left there’s not really any Riverlands for him to secure, and Jaime-GoTpossibly no queen to serve. Though this would be easy for Jaime, as many fans predict he’ll have to kill Cersei at some point. But he’s done so much to regain and redeem his own humanity I’d hate to see him sacrifice any more honor for Cersei. I mean, can you really believe this is the same man who threw a kid out a window in season one?

daenerys-sets-sail-for-westerosNow, to a queen with *hopefully* just the right amount of humanity. So, just like last week I was blown away with what we got to see Dany do. Not her breaking up with Daario. That I didn’t really care that much about, and neither did Dany for that matter. Her heart is set on her throne and now there’s very little to stand in her way. She has her dragons, her fleet, her warriors and powerful allies. The only resistance she might get at sea would be from Euron Greyjoy, who will be none too pleased when he sees that Dany has aligned with his niece and nephew. But I mean really… Dany has Dragons, like Euron Greyjoy will be much of a problem.476290-game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-10-dragons

game-of-thrones-saison-6-season-6-episodeIf I have one complaint, it’s that the finale episode (even though it was blessedly longer) felt rushed. Especially when it came to events outside of Kings Landing. There are two things that were part of the rushed feeling, Arya and Varys. Quite a few viewers (this one included) watched the last couple scenes thinking how did they get from Essos to Westeros so quickly, and in Varys’ case it was and how did he get back to Essos so fast… did he borrow a dragon?!?!

Now of course not every episode has overlapping time lines, and of course time jumps can happen and for any left who feel like there may be continuity errors behold this awesome timeline The Rational Man posted to Reddit.sub-buzz-4433-1467074907-2


Part of the problem though is, as much time that would be wasted by actually SHOWING Arya and Varys making their journeys, Game of Thrones has already set a pace where we see characters traveling (Brienne and Pod, Arya and the Hound, just Arya, Theon etc), and without it we’re left feeling like we got a montage with and “AND THEN!” vibe, which is a rare sensation for a show that has for the most part felt like its about the journey, rather than the destination.

SamIf anything I actually would have preferred more travel for Varys this season and less for the likes of Sam and Gilly. I mean seriously, I’m happy he’ll be studying, but there’s no reason we needed this scene in this season, not with everything else going on and only 13 episodes left…

Though, I will admit, it’s nice to know that thanks to the internet I’m not the only one who saw Sam in the library and thought this:ee-got-sam-library

game-of-thrones-cersei-septaAnd I will say we probably could have done without the Septa Unella scene, for two reasons. First, like Sam and Gilly it took up time. Second, I get that the show runners wanted us to see Cersei’s descent into cruelty and madness, and that was actually hard for me to watch as someone who (for a really long time) wanted to see Cersei as a mother before seeing her as a villain, after all everything she’s done has been for her children, but without motherhood, what does she really have left? I mean I guess I could just blame this all on Tommen (I still hate him for getting rid of Trial by Combat).

But I digress. Where was I, ah yes, Varys and his neigh teleportation level traveling…  till we have scenes to fill in the blanks I’ll just assume that Gendry started his own coast to coast ferry service, considering we’ve never seen him make land.gendry-still-rowing

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