“I’m Impressed” Thor 2 Spoiler Free Review!

2013_thor_2_the_dark_world-wideThis past THORS-day I had the chance to see Thor: The Dark World a little sooner than others (though not sooner than a friend in Korea, so excuse me while I ask why did South Korea get it first??? No offense to South Korea by the way). Anyway this is my spoiler free review, with a more in depth one coming, that will definitely be spoiler heavy, though that may come later, after I’ve had a chance to see it again, and again!

Now I saw Thor: The Dark World as part of a marathon that included Thor and Avengers preceding it, and I have to say while I don’t know where I’ll find an extra 7+ hours again any time soon, it was time well spent as all three films exemplified Marvel’s master-planning.  And it’s a great way to dive into TDW, so if you have 7+ hours I recommend it, if not, I’m pretty sure you’ll love TDW anyway.

New-Thor-2-The-Dark-World-Stills-natalie-portman-35768240-1022-680Now on to the review itself. The film was never dull, and nothing prompted Iron Man 3 levels of disappointment.  Even a basic scene of Jane having an unsuccessful dinner date (with an adorable Chris O’Dowd) interrupted by Darcy is entertaining.  It’s nice to have that bit of downtime too, because once the adventure takes off, it really takes off.

thor-2-photos-asgardNow, what can I say without saying anything at all to keep this review spoiler-free? I can say that getting more Asgard than ever before really added a touch of fantasy to the whole film. Everything from the sweeping (albeit CGI) shots, to Loki’s prison cell was for me way more eye candy than even Hemsworth’s obligatory abs shot.  I can also say that while the movie may have THOR in the title that it was all about Loki, and that was a good thing.  Thor had a lot to work out with his brother considering the events in both the first film and Avengers.  Having to Thor-2_2709663brely on his brother’s expertise, and art of deception was definitely enjoyable.  Also, without spoiling anything watching Chris Evans have a cameo during one of the scenes with Loki and Thor was perhaps my favorite moment of the film.


Don’t get me wrong though, my non-favorite moments were just as fun, and if I could make one complaint about the film it’s that I really wanted a complex villain, and Malekith for all his power and capabilities was fairly black and white… or maybe dark and light.  And while I already said there was plenty of Loki (our most complex Marvel villain yet), I expected to feel threatened by Malekith.  Instead by the end of the film Malekith seemed like a plot device more than a character.

However, as I mentioned above, after this film I was was ready to throw down my popcorn bag and shout ANOTHER!

And speaking of “Another”, soon I’ll have a more in depth blog for those that have already seen it!

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