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post-40535-Jaime-Lannister-showing-off-ne-aQ1SHi Readers,

So, last week was the premiere of Season Four of Game of Thrones, and maybe I took too long waiting to watch it, but I finally did last night, so that I could watch episode two tonight, this is be a quick blog though, and I’ll probably get more in depth with each episode, but I think it’s fair to say that after last Sunday’s episode that in the words of Eric Cartman, this show “has warped my fragile little mind” (also, mild spoilers for those that have not read the books).

game-thronesNow despite the break between seasons three and four, in a lot of ways it feels like we’ve never left Westeros. There were only a couple noticeable differences, Dany’s dragons are getting bigger, and so is Pod. Look at that guy, I had to double check that it’s the same actor, he seems so tall now. For most of the Tyrion Sansacharacters it felt like little had changed. The men at the Wall still don’t value Jon Snow enough, his half sister Sansa is still reasonably mopey (no one’s forgotten the Red Wedding yet have they), and Arya well… she did take a big step in becoming that loveable murderer! Yeah, I still think she’s loveable after getting her revenge, and getting Needle back.Game-of-Thrones-Recap-Season-4-Episode-1-Arya-Stark-Needle



The one person that things have changed the most for though, is Jaime Lannister, and here’s where I explain how the books, and the show have warped me.


4You see, when I was reading the books and recommending them to friends, people were shocked (and possibly a bit disgusted) when I’d make a comment of praise regarding Cersei’s sibling with benefits. After all, he was a Lannister, and the Kingslayer, and Cersei’s lover, and as a result Joffrey’s father (by the way I feel like it’s a 50/50 if Joffrey would have turned out better if Jaime had raised him).

However, then there’s that tub scene in which he explains to Brienne why he killed the mad king, and shortly after he rescues Brienne for the second time. And slowly but surely we see just how honorable he can be.

So despite all of his flaws, yes even the disgusting ones I was actually a bit sad for him when his twin and lover told him that he “took too long” getting back to King’s Landing (because you know him being captured was totally what he wanted and all). I mean, did Sam say “you took too long” to Jon? Did Needle say that to Arya? I mean I know swords can’t talk, but if they could Needle would have been so excited! I mean the only reunion I want to see more for Arya is her and Nymeria.

Anyway, back to Jaime… I’m warped, I actually feel bad because Jaime Lannister’s sister is basically dumping him, and his only friend is Brienne, who’s guilt tripping him over the Stark girls.

All of that being said, my favorite moment of the episode had to be the reactions from Bronn and Tyrion when they were offered whores by the Prince of Dorne post-40620-Bronn-Yes-Tyrion-No-gif-Imgur-wYo9


(best moment of an episode took place in a whorehouse… I’m just going to accept that I’m warped and move on…)

Anyway, what was your favorite moment of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Took Too Long Game of Thrones S4e1

  1. Hey! This post came right on time.

    I completely agree, the episode pretty much felt like we hadn’t had a long hiatus in-between, picking up and moving on.

    Still, it was a premiere episode and those need a lot of talking to get the stage reset, but I felt the exposition was much more organic (like Cersei giving a summary of events/grievances to Jaime, Tyrion giving a breakdown on why he’s stressed (mad king, sad wife) to Shae, etc.) so the show didn’t seem talky.

    Right on about Arya! Adorable Death-Pixie!

    The core of your blog post was about Jaime, and how you feel almost guilty to be rooting for him. We’re in the same club.

    A couple of years ago, I had recommended the first book to my niece. She was reading it, and in some random conversation with my dad (whose also read the books), my niece overheard us talking in positive terms about the Kingslayer.

    We got quite the lecture from her on how he’s awful. Incest! Child Tower Dropping! We couldn’t spoil her discovery of his change of character through book 3, so we had to take it on the chin.

    So I completely sympathize.

    Thanks for catching that shot of Tyrion and Bronn in the brothel. I was delighted when Oberyn was ready to party down with those two. (Oberyn’s awesome.)

    Thank you again for the great recap. I hope you do one for Episode Two: the Dull Affair (by Dothraki Standards.)

    • Hey Pat,

      I’ll definitely do one for ep2 after I watch it, since I heard it was not that interesting I opted for watching the Mad Men premiere (which between you and me felt a tad dull also… so maybe I should have gone with GoT)

      And back to GoT “Adorable Daeath-Pixie”!!!! I LOVE that :), and I was also really glad to get that gif of Tyrion and Bronn, that reaction was priceless. I ended up not putting it in the post, but I thought there were a few comedic moments like that. There was also Jaime waiving his new hand, and then also Arya and the Hound’s faces watching the inn from the bushes in one shot, and then we see the inn and in the next shot Arya is gone. Maybe it was just me but it felt a tad on the happy side for a GoT ep.

      Ah Oberyn, *sigh* yeah… this is one of the few times where I’ve found myself truly saddened because I’ve read the books. I’m starting to think that Martin always gives the color red a bad vibe “Red Wedding”, “Red Viper of Dorne”… that being said… I can’t wait until we see everything unfold in the show. :)

      Thanks for the comment and I’ll let you know when the post for ep to is up :)

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