Tucson Comic-Con, Day 2

So this post is a little later, it was supposed to be up no later than Monday, but here it is all the same.

IMG_00006035Day Two a Tucson Comic-Con was a bit slower than Day One, however it still seemed much more lively than Day Two of last year.  There were still plenty of cosplayers, and the Daleks were still trying to take over.


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IMG_00006049So all in all it was still a good day.  After Day Two, I had quite the haul.

And a couple new sketches for my Ms. Marvel sketchbook. They were done by the very talented Meredith McClaren and Val Hochberg.

Now, Tucson Comic-Con isn’t just about the fun, but also about making a difference in the community, Click here for the facts and figures on the greatly growing con!

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