Tucson Comic-Con, Small but Mighty!

IMG_00006037The facts and figures are in, and this year Tucson Comic-Con was an even bigger hit than 2012.  Tucson Comic-Con officials put the tally of attendees at 8,000!

Even vendors noticed the huge difference Mike Camp at Heroes and Villains said that

“As far as the Tucson Con, we were pretty overwhelmed by this year event. I don’t have access to actual attendance figures, though I’m sure that the Con itself will release that soon. I know that for us, on Saturday we had sold about 10% more than we did last year in the entire weekend. We did do a change in product mix that we brought to the con, which I believe contributed to the huge growth, but we also think the attendance was considerably higher than last year, which was the major contributor.
Sunday business for us was flat with the previous year (I think there was only about $9 difference), but when you match it with Saturday, we were up about 40%.”
It wasn’t just about sales though, if we’re going to throw around monetary figures, events like Tucson Comic-Con are an opportunity to raise funds for good causes.  995223_713899728640192_1595066229_n
Tucson Comic-Con posted on their Facebook page that “The AZ Tardis raised $1198 this year in raffles,silent auction and pin sales. That three times as much as they raised last year. All the donations go to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation And Lymphoma Society.”
Even the first annual costume contest, (which had the entry fee of a toy for hospitalized children, delivered by groups like Arizona Avengers)  was quite the success with more entrants than expected, all piling into a very full ballroom.
It’s fabulous that the convention was such a success that they’re infographic-sdccblog-final-1already realizing that next year, on November 8th and 9th they’re “gonna need a bigger boat” as detailed in an article on their site by Mike O~ the Founder and Director. This is amazing news considering Tucson Comic-Con is only six years young, and started in a tiny ballroom. Next year they make a huge jump size wise going from the 30,000 sq ft hall to an 80,000 sq ft hall, in anticipation of being able to have more of… well everything, and I’ve already got the dates on my calendar! It may not be a huge as the events and conventions listed on the Unofficial SDCC Blog article with an amazing infographic but Comic-Con International has had 43 years to go from 300 attendees to its now epic 134,000. So if I can speak as both a local, and someone who’s been to the “big show” that is SDCC, I think Tucson Comic-Con is fairing quite well.
Click here for some of the pictures of Day One and Day 2.

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