Two Time Lords at Fan Fest

FanFestDoctorsHi Readers,

We now have another announcement about appearances at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest, and it’s twice as exciting as the last! What’s better than having one Time Lord at Fan Fest? Two Time Lords at Fan Fest!. This December both Colin Baker and Paul McgGann (the 6th and 8th Doctors respectively) will be at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest at the University of Phoenix Stadium.


In addition to his portrayal of the Sixth Doctor from 1984-1986, Colin Baker has had an extensive television and theatre career, including roles in series such as The Brothers, War and Peace, The Edwardians, A Fall Of Eagles, The Citadel, A Dance To The Music Of Time, and The Waiting Game;. More recently, Colin has appeared in Doctors, Jonathan Creek, Hollyoaks, Little Britain, Kingdom and Hustle. His film career includes roles in Dangerous Davies, The Airzone Solution, The Zero Imperative, The Harpist, Soul’s Ark, and The Asylum. After his appearance on Doctor Who, he continued as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who audio plays, the stage production Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure, and the Children In Need sketch “Dimensions In Time.”

Paul_McGann_SnapshotPaul McGann became the Eighth Doctor in 1996 in the made for TV film “Doctor Who”, and continued to portray the 8th Doctor in the mini series Doctor Who: Shada, and made an exciting appearance, in The Night of The Doctor in 2013.  Paul McGann has appeared also on several television shows like Kiss, Luther and Waking the Dead. Along with a film career including Alien 3 and Queen of the Damned.

This announcement has been great for Fan Fest as well as potential attendees. When prices were raised on  the 12th after only the first guest announcement had been made, some fan sounded off on Facebook, stating that they weren’t going to make a purchase until more guests were confirmed. Now though, several people on social media are expressing excitement, and plans to purchase passes.

Updates on times and locations for seeing Colin Baker and Paul McGann at Fan Fest will be posted as soon as we have them!

Are you excited to see two of the Doctors at Fan Fest? Let us know in the comments!

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