Why Wait… thoughts from a Hall H Camper on “Exclusive” footage

Me and my besties, on Saturday morning, after sleeping under the tents for Hall H panels!

Me and my besties, on Saturday morning, after sleeping under the tents for Hall H panels!

As I sit down to blog on all the epic-ness that took place in various panels at Comic-Con 2014, I can’t help but feel a little let down. It may just be my body and brain leveling out from the adrenaline rush, and then ultimate fatigue that’s inevitable for someone like me who will usually spend the last two days of the con running on maybe six hours of sleep (TOTAL). However, part of my current melancholy is definitely tied the disappointment that all that I waited for may not have been worth it, as in the week after the convention several outlets like Entertainment Weekly, and others, are able to share “Exclusive” con footage of panels and gag reels, and even studios are releasing either entire panels or trailers that used to be just for the attendees.

For example, the entire Sleepy Hollow panel is on YouTube. That’s a panel I was dying to get into, but I made the hard choice of spending my entire day in 6A, to enjoy Outlander, Vikings, and Orphan Black panels (and that included squatting through a My Little Pony Panel). Part of me is happy and part of me is thinking:

“What gives?!?! Why should folks who didn’t have to pay for a badge, travel to SDCC, wait in lines and squat through panels, get to see something that was for attendees”.

I found myself further irked when the footage that was shown at SDCC (what attendees are frequently reminded never to record so that nothing is leaked and studios keep bringing exclusive content back) was part of an “exclusive” that The Hollywood Reporter has on their website.

Even Hall H is apparently no longer entirely sacred, when it comes to special content. Sure we get to see things first, but take The Hobbit for example. The trailer we enjoyed was (again released by the studio) on YouTube by the time I got home from San Diego on Monday. But, other than some comments from the cast (and I’ll be honest Stephen Colbert was AWESOME), I found myself thinking, why did I sleep outside for this?

10458806_10204346684049133_6553264301452116950_nMaybe I’ve just gotten too selfish as a con attendee, not wanting to share the awesome visual loot of trailers and sizzle-reels, and I get that studios only have so much to share without giving everything away, but shouldn’t con attendees be entitled to something that’s *just* ours?

This photo was of me and new line buddies, Saturday morning, along with the security team member that we made friends with, after victoriously getting an enviously close spot to the stage. I’m now wondering though if our victory wasn’t a Pyrrhic one, if all we fought for will end up released by the same studios that we made the tough choices and long waits to see.

Do you have thoughts on the nature of SDCC content becoming more and more public? If so, sound off in the comments!

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