Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5

tumblr_n52z0ljd6z1qzhshoo3_500-game-of-thrones-first-of-his-name-recap-this-season-s-on-fireHi readers,

Like my most recent Mad Men post, this week went by way too fast for me to get a GoT post up about the episode in a timely fashion. That being said, here’s my post now, right before I watch the next episode. And honestly, while I doubt there’s anything that the show could actually do to make me stop watching… I had a couple moments last night, when I asked why I was watching.

Now some of this may seem a bit confusing (probably because a lot of people were confused by how much anything north of the wall seems to be diverting from the source material), but let me break down my disappointment. I’d hate for a show to be predictable (even with a show based on books), actually in fact, I’d hate for anything to be predictable. But what I hate more is having unfulfilled expectations.

DanyLet’s start with Dany… she’ll be spending lots of time trying to rule Slaver’s Bay, before going to Westeros… meaning who knows how long it’ll take her to get there. If there’s one thing I wanted since book/season 1 it’s for her and her dragons to get to Kings Landing, and for her imagesto end up on the Iron Throne… if that doesn’t happen… well there’s not really anyone else that I want on the Iron Throne, so I predict that I’ll get less interested in Kings Landing as time goes on. Honestly, I don’t care that Cersei misses her daughter, or that Oberyn Martell is being nice to her. For me the only thing Mcinteresting in Kings Landing right now has nothing to do with that or Margaery Tyrell and Cersei getting along, but has everything to do with Tyrion, and his upcoming trial.LannisterAlso the fact that the phrase “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts” has a pretty solid meaning, considering their mines have dried up, and they owe the Iron Bank a ton.

game-of-thrones-first-of-his-name-585x390Outside of Kings Landing though, while not super interesting, but enjoyable is still Arya and the Hound. They’re fun to watch especially when they don’t get along. But he story isn’t moving much with them… Game-Thrones-First-His-Name-Brienne-Pod.pngso it’s also getting less enjoyable over time. Also in the category of less enjoyable is Brienne and Pod. Now, they are enjoyable to watch, because Brienne is totally not enjoying the squire that she’s stuck with on her hunt for Sansa Stark.

ab378d0978e07f51b786c0016047581eAnd speaking of Sansa… poor Sansa, she thought that things were going to improve once she got to the Eyrie with her Aunt Lysa. Nope, not only does she have to put up with the wretched little Robin (ugh I hate that kid, sometimes I wonder if he’s actually more annoying than Joffrey was), but she has to put up with her crazy and jealous Aunt, who is now married to Petyr (and screams like a freaking banshee during sex… ugh). indexI kind of like knowing that Petyr hates being stuck with Lysa. After all if anyone should be having a lousy time, it’s him. The one great thing about this episode though is that we got Lysa talking to Petyr about how it was her who poisoned Jon Arryn, and told her sister it was the Lannister’s at Petyr’s request. By the way, did you forget about Jonspoof Arryn, he was the murdered Hand of the King, who Eddard replaced… so yeah, never the Lannisters, it was Littlefinger, with a little help from Lysa… like I said if anyone deserves some discomfort, it’s him. And if anyone deserves kudos, it’s who ever made this meme, using an Arrested Development running joke.

115723-Jojen-Bran-Jon-Snow-meme-this-bKL9Getting further north of the Eyrie, let’s get north of the Wall. Bolton almost got Bran, but then Bran warged, and then Bran almost got Jon’s attention, but was reminded by Jojen that they have to get to that one tree, way off somewhere that the three-eyed crow is leading them. Now it was nice to see what some of Jojen’s usefulness was, in sharing in his vision, but overall everything that happened at 07a83877fccbab3234fa9fa1aa87bad9Craster’s was part of the most disappointing sequence of the episode, where my hopes and dreams went up in flames like Craster’s Keep. Ever since all the Starks were scattered, I kept holding out hope that some of them would reunite. Ghost

But sadly no. I mean sure Jon has ghost again… but I would have preferred the humans could have at least had a chit chat. So like Dany waiting on taking the Iron Throne I guess that I just need to resign myself to the fact that maybe the Starks will remain scattered.

Either way, I’ll keep watching… and on that note… I’m off to watch. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Now What?!?! Game of Thrones S4e5

  1. Hey Shannon, thanks for the great recap, even if it was from a disappointed perspective.

    I liked the episode pretty much, for a couple of reasons…

    – Dany’s story over in Meereen and Slaver’s Bay is interesting to me in the sense that things aren’t easy in Game of Thrones. Tywin gave a speech to Tommen about what makes a good king, and one of the elements was that Strength is okay, but Wisdom is best. Since Dany has kicked over the hornet’s nest in Slaver’s Bay, it’s important to see how she’ll adapt and rule. Otherwise she’d take over King’s Landing and be a crappy queen with some dragons.

    – Cersei’s behavior in King’s Landing was the best, because it was all about the upcoming trial. Talking sweet to Margaery (which was crazy out of character based on previous interactions) was a playing the game move. She’s working on Mace Tyrell via Margaery, just as she tries to work on Tywin, and Oberyn. She’s hitting up the judges to tighten up a conviction on Tyrion.

    – I’m a fan of Brienne, and I’m a fan of Podrick, so Brienne and Podrick on the road is just awesome.

    – Sansa up in the Eyrie was good to me for a few reasons, you’ve already laid out the big one that Baelish and Lysa were behind the poisoning of Jon Arryn which pretty much started the war and clobbered the Starks and Baratheons (and has now taken out a Lannister child.) But I love me crazy Aunt Lysa. What the hell is going on with her? Sansa’s story had been kind of static lately, so it’s been amped up and I like that, to give Sansa’s story a chance to develop.

    – The near intersection of Jon and Bran was fine to me, since the mutineers provided a nice framework for Jon to excel on a ranging, despite the wishes that he not come back from his superiors, and to give a boost to Bran’s storyline. Hodor!

    I like the reminder that Jojen has powers, I’m a sucker for any scene where a calm oracle tells the dangerous person in charge “Whatever, man. I’ve seen you die. It’ll be happening like REAL SOON.”

    The mutineers had been a dangling thread for some time, and I appreciated that it gave us the opportunity to see a glimpse into the life-cycle of the icy Others, so the closing out of Craster’s Keep was a good addition to me.

    Just because I wasn’t disappointed in the episode doesn’t mean that I don’t respect how you feel on this. I totally grok where you are coming from, and again, thank you for the great recap. I always appreciate hearing your perspective on the story.

    • Hey Pat,

      So I had wanted to reply to this… well three weeks ago (life’s been busy). Anyway, I really appreciate your response. I think most of my disappointment on this episode had to do with wanting things to get moving plot wise as much as possible, but then again, I always appreciate that the show wants to give viewers its best, which sometimes means taking its time.

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