What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats

What the Helix P 3Hi Listeners,
Here’s the third What the Helix, where we discuss the episode Single Strand. In this podcast we address: Why we still sort of trust Peter, why we don’t like Balleseros, what the virus may do, and why you don’t want to mess with Hatake!

Key Moments:

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Also, random question: Who’s the person in the glasses here?30d63f7ce1b24a9bca1f49aff0905f26

2 thoughts on “What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats

  1. Nice, good effort! Still don’t know what to think of this series, really can’t see how they can extend it to an entire series in one location but we’ll see!!

    Also – that bottom photo, is that real? If so, that’s a huge error and yes, I’d like to know who she is also :)

    • I’m loving the show. I think that one of the great possibilities of it could be for the virus to get out of the facility, if that happens not only would it be a game changer, but it would give the writers an opportunity to put the characters in completely different environments, so I can see the series going, even if it doesn’t all stay in one location. And I mean (don’t want to give away any spoilers), but I think after you see “The White Room”, you’ll see that there are plenty of storylines to explore, with the base and the characters. And I think the bottom photo is real, I’ll double check the episode to see if it showed up there.

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