Welcome to Wild Wild West Con 4!

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Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 4 is well underway, and while it is one of the most well known steampunk events in the western United States, for those new to the genre, and in some cases lifestyle of steam, cogs, lace, corsets, leather and gadgets WWWC takes a bit of introduction, as well as some photos (taken by Beth Riley, of GeekShot Photography).

The convention, which celebrates all aspects of steampunk, from fashion to inventions, to music and everything in between takes place at Old Tucson Studios, commonly referred to as just “Old Tucson”,  west of Tucson Arizona. Why Old Tucson was named in this retroactive fashion, instead of modern Tucson being called “New Tucson” is a bit of cinematic history that could fill another blog. However the fact that everything built in Old Tucson is so splendidly antiquated means that it’s perfect for a convention attended by people who love any opportunity to feel like they’re in a bygone (and mostly imagined) era.

BETH2650aOnce purveyors of all sorts of goggles and gadgetry and groups like the Tucson Steampunk Society and ladies of Steam Girl take over the place, it starts to feel quite alive. The Town Hall and saloon are filled with folks dressed in Victorian fashion, and all kinds of inventions and artifacts are on display.

BETH4247aEven if you’re not yet into steampunk the event is fantastic to visit. It lets visitors feel like they’re stepping into another world, especially as Old Tucson creates such an immersive experience.  And it’s running through Sunday, so if you’re in the area, you should spend the afternoon at Old Tucson Studios, taking in the sights and sounds of steampunk!


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