No Winners at Downton Abbey, Season 5 episode 4

downton-abbey-s5-e4-synopsis-1920x1080Hi Readers,

This past week’s episode was a bit of a roller coaster, which despite all efforts really left all major characters in a place where no one could win.



Let’s look at the staff. Thomas definitely can’t win at what ever drug therapy he’s trying to use to choose a different “path” for himself, and despite his nastiness as a person, I do pity him. Carson can’t win with Mrs. Patmore, and while I’m sympathetic to her feelings, I find myself siding with Carson. That being said, I appreciate Daisy offering to help Mrs. Patmore, now that she has the ability to write a letter to try and generate change.


However, how is it possible that Daisy is able to write such a letter?


Because of Ms. Bunting. Now, as a teacher, I highly value any series that illustrates how an education can open doors, and Downton Abbey is no exception. However, Ms. Bunting has shown herself to deliberately be a shrewd and spiteful harpy, with no intention of letting something lie. Instead she has to push so hard to win, that by the end everyone’s a loser, especially Tom.

This photograph is (C) Carnival Film & Television Ltd and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with Downton Abbey, Carnival Film & Television Ltd or ITV plc. Once made available by ITV plc Picture Desk, this photograph canThank goodness the Dowager Countess was able to try and keep the conversation going after Robert (justifiably) told Ms. Bunting to never return. However I think it’ll take a lot more than small talk for her to try and find her ex-not-beau’s lost wife. That’s also a no win situation. You can tell they had feelings for one another, but if Violet locates his wife they can never be together. Though in all likelihood, given his current status, that would never happen anyway.

downton-abbey-season-5x04-recapIt is nice though that Mary can have someone she can actually talk to about her romance issues though. And good grief does she have plenty now that Lord Gillingham has refused to accept Mary’s refusal. I never expected him to be such a sore loser.


isobel-lord-merton-downton-abbey-season-5-episode-4On other matters, I can’t see anyone winning when it comes to Bates, and Edith’s storyline is getting repetitive. If the farmer could just tell his wife, there’d be no issue. Finally, when it comes to cousin Isobel, you’d think her getting the marriage proposal from Lord Merton might make her feel like a real winner, (and she did say she was genuinely flattered), but I’m still holding out for her to end up with Dr. Clarkson.

On to the next episode!

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