WonderCon 2014 Cosplay!

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I spent this past weekend at WonderCon 2014, and in addition to some time in panels, part of the weekend involved checking out some of the great cosplay, including a few Geekly Press exclusives taken by Geekly Press editor Shannon Jelle, or if specified by GeekShot photographer Beth Riley:


Of course, there were several Marvel-ous costumes! Including my personal favorite Ms. Marvel. That being said I absolutely love the Secret Invasion Spiderwoman!









While superheroes are common at conventions, they’re quickly being surpassed by Disney cosplayers, especially princesses:

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Now, I’m not sure, what, precisely this London detective is doing at WonderCon, but I’m assuming that there must be some mystery to be solved here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mystery didn’t have something to do with Lord Baelish being in Anahiem. I’m certain that he’s up to no good.

The following are some I just couldn’t resist snapping, even if it was on my Blackberry:



And, just in case anyone was looking for hero that would come bringing a wave of nostalgia, I found Quailman. If you don’t know who Quailman is, then you need a time machine, go to the 90’s and watch Doug, one of the sweetest cartoons ever on Nickelodeon.









Posts on panels coming soon!


One thought on “WonderCon 2014 Cosplay!

  1. Right on! Thanks for getting these great pics.

    The Skrull Spider Woman was fantastic with that classic chin.

    That one dude looked so much like Peytr Baelish, I would have wanted to have punched him.

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